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Beautiful Sunday


It was Sunday, what a beautiful day!  An autumn day of lovely sunshine.

Our garden looked warm and peaceful.  There are fewer birds now since we made the decision to chop down eight Palm trees, some quite tall.  Looking out my bedroom window, I missed the Tui (bird) I used to see most days on my tall Queen Palm.  Now, I can see a bigger patch of a clear blue sky.

Along our back fence, a plant blooms with beautiful purple flowers.  The plant was a gift from a friend six months ago.  We cut some of those flowers for our Beloved Bom.   The plant was given to us as a kind gesture for our loss.  The many wreaths and bouquets, big and small have gone with her but this plant and another rose plant (given by another friend) were planted in our garden where flowers bloom.  

‘Visiting Bom’…

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