A new house and a new pet

Our new house at the end of a cul-de-sac seemed empty. That was way back in early 2009.

Come Sept 2009, we visited the local SPCA. We had no expectations of what bred to look for. We just wanted a puppy.

Toby came into our lives. According to the SPCA, he was the firstborn of a litter of six. There were two with a white line on his face (like a Staffy) and the rest were just golden. We knew nothing about Staffordshire Terrier then. I wanted the one with a wider white face but he or she was taken so Rex (that was what SPCA named him) became my baby.

He was tiny, only about two or three weeks old. Born on 19 Aug 2009. He shivered as I held him and he was the size of my hand. I called him a defect because Toby had a mark on his nose. When he was healthy, the mark looked pink. When he was sick, it turned yellow and pale.

As I blogged on this, I beamed with love reminiscing the time when Toby came into our lives. Emotionally now, I am sad beyond words as I grieved with the passing of my precious Tob.

My Toby

Click here to read more of how Toby came into our lives and more happy posts of Toby and me. He was so precious to me, so much a part of me that I googled my other two blogs and there were quite a lot of loving posts about my beloved Toby.

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