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Goodbye, Tob

Dear Tob

Mummy had and still is to a less painful extent been grieving for you since you departed on 22/8/2019.

Bom (Mummy’s younger daughter) is suffering from severe depression. At this moment, she needs lots of care and love from people around her. This had taken all Mummy’s time and made your passing more bearable. It is now time to let go, live in the present and give my love and attention to Bom and support the family. Mummy had to pull herself out of the deep grief for you, Tob, stopped all the tears each night since you left.

Today, Mummy put away your belongings packed in a ham bag and placed it with your little indoor doggy bed in the garage. Mummy made a book all about you, my beloved Tob boy. Two beautiful pictures of you, one with ‘departed’ Bluey (bear) and another poster of you from a young puppy to a 10-year-old handsome Toby hanging in Mummy’s room. Cute puppy and dog coasters are here and there around the house. Our home has your presence, beautiful memories that will last forever.

There will be tears every now and then as Mummy is and forever will miss and remember you with love.

Love from Mummy

P.S. Hopefully Mummy will be strong enough to pen the last thirteen and a half days of your life since diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma which was the other part of this blog. We had posted celebrating your life with beautiful pictures and memories that warmed Mummy’s heart with each word she typed and posted here.

Always loved, forever missed and fondly remembered.


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