My hands won’t let go

29 Dec 2018

You held on to my hand when I was little.  I hugged on to your back as I rode on your motorbike to school each morning for a year and then you bought a car because my younger sister started school too.  We missed you and love you always.

Goodbye In Memory Father Memorial Ornament Angel in Heaven I ...

22 August 2019

Who would let go of their dearest pet dog of ten years, a true companion and best friend.

Toby was my baby.  My hands were stroking him the whole night he passed.

We are not in control of when we come or leave this earth.  We just have to let go.


29 October 2019

It makes no sense why a mother should bury her child.  How could this be?

Judith (aka Bom) left us so suddenly and I held on to her hand until her soul left for heaven.

I am sad and grieving for my loved ones.  I know there are many like me out there too, missing their loved ones forever.  Grief doesn’t get any better in time.  I am still living with a broken heart that still beats as life goes on.

To those who have lost their loved ones, I share a quote below:


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